Greenshell¢â Mussel Oil((Perna Canaliculus)) Quality Assurance

New Zealand has attained an international reputation for its superior fish, shellfish and meat products.

Pristine Oceans:
The environmental quality of the surrounding seas are constantly monitored by our ministry of agriculture and forestry (MAF) ensuring the waters are unpolluted and pristine.

Aroma (NZ) ltd. only sources frozen fish and shellfish from EEC and USA licensed premises ensuring that only the freshest and highest quality product is selected and processed.

A Total Commitment To Quality:
Aroma holds fish export license no. 167 and fish processing premises license no ph35 and ph528 which attest that the company adheres strictly to the standards laid down by the Fish Exporting Licensing Regulations 1982 and the Fish Export Premises Regulations 1995. Compliance with the standards is administered by the official Government Inspectors from New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) who inspect the premises and monitor the processing operations on a continuing basis

The Quality of our export Fish Products is ensured by a comprehensive quality control programme which is MAF-approved and inspected. It comprises pre-operation checks; daily compliance checks of premises, product, processing, and personnel; and continuous processing control. Compliance with the above regulations enables us to export worldwide including Canada, USA, and EU.

All incoming supplies are from MAF licensed premises, and the flow of product from source, through processing, to the end customer is quality controlled and traceable through recorded checks. The government-issued export certificate which accompanies each export consignment certifies that the product has at all times been handled and processed in accordance with the Regulations.

All of our products are HACCP approved which is equivalent to GMP¡¯ Sensuring that you only receive the highest quality grade products.

All products are supplied with a certificate of analysis that are tested by an independent laboratory.

These advantages set aside our quality assurance from the rest of the world, ensuring that only safe products are consumed.

This has been a significant factor in the enviable reputation that Aroma have earned world wide.

Product testing and bio-activity, verification:
Aroma¡¯s products are tested by an independent accredited laboratory ensuring that all test results are applicable for every production batch.

As Aroma is at the forefront of new marine extracts, it is vital to test for the anti-inflammatory and bio-active properties in our marine extracts.

These anti-inflammatory and bio-active assays are carried out by:

1. Wellington School of Medicine

2. Industrial Research & Development Ltd.

These test results validate our mussel extract and shark cartilage products contain natural anti-inflammatory and bio-active properties.