This product has been made using pure Stag blood extracted in the clean, unpolluted environment of New Zealand - so called the last remaining paradise on earth. All products have been tested for quality by Alpha Laboratories.

Stag Blood
The Stag complex is extracted from stags grown on the grassy banks of the unpolluted glaciers of Southern Alps at the peak of the growth period, when Stag velvet is also harvested.

The Stag complex is easily digested and to minimise the degeneration of the natural proteins, a Low temperature jet-spray method (similar to the processing method of powdered milk) has been used to dry and powder the complex. Stag Complex tablets contain preserved beneficial elements of live Stag Blood.

It is common to find liquefied Stag blood mixed with plant oils to increase the volume. Our products only contain pure.

*The main pharmacological effect is relaxation of vasculature for better circulation improves cold hands and feet, limps, prevents hemiplegia, skin care and improves recovery from fatigue.
*The main ingredients are high quality amino acids that improve liver function and protection.
*A large amount of irons and minerals help prevent anaemia and osteoporosis, and increases haematosis in preganant women.
*Increases semen production to provide vitality and stamina in men and helps with rejuvenation (a traditional remedy for increasing virility)
*Helps with restoration of knee cap cartilage to improve the symptoms of neuralgia
*Increase internal secretion for restoration of stamina
*Improvement of constitutional weakness in children and persons.
*Anti-aging (after menopause)
*Increased brain activity (for students)

Deer Blood (stag) 200mg
(as extract equiv. to fresh) 1000mg
Deer Velvet 16mg
(as extract equiv. to fresh) 80mg
Manuka Honey 5mg
Squalene 100mg
Safflower Oil 100mg
Evening Primrose Oil 25mg
Grape Seed Oil 47mg
Vitamin E 1mg

Adults take 1-2 tablets after meals together with warm water 1-2 times daily.