Propolis is made from salivary enzymes of honey bees and resin of plants. It is a complex consisting of more than 149 different chemicals and 22 minerals, as well as many types of flavonoid, organic acids, vitamins and other minerals.

This product has been made using the Propolis collected from the clean, unpolluted environment of New Zealand - so called the last remaining paradise on earth. All products have been strictly tested for quality by Alpha Laborotories Ltd. .

What is Propolis?
Propolis is a natural substance similar to tree resin, which is collected from leaves and bark of specific plants by bees. Propolis has antibiotic and antibacterial properties and is used to protect young larvae from becoming infected. This substance is collected and produces the natural undiluted propolis complex.

Efficacy and Benefits
*Prevents oxidation of the body system
*Protect the body from bacteria and viruses
*Remove heavy metals from the body
*Enhance the immune system
*Heal various types of inflammation (dermatopathy, athlete's foot (dermatophytosis), wounds and burns)
*Paradentitis, gum disease
*Duodenum ulcers
*Common cold, tonsillitis, stomatitis
*Diabetes and prevention from cancer
*Cures rhinitis

Active Ingredients:
100% Pure & natural Propolis extract (as extract equivalent to 500mg)
Natural Vitamin E, lecithin

Adults take 1-2 capsules together with warm water after meals 1-2 times daily.

* Warning: some people may have allergic reaction to propolis.