This product contains highly concentrated Shark Liver Oil(Squalene) which is derived from deep-water shark. It is refined from other ingredients which easily spoil. Squalene is especially good for healthy skin and immune system. Each capsule also contains milk thistle and dandelion which is helpful for healthy liver function.
This product is carefully selected with high standard and manufactured by HEALTHFARM.

What are the health benefits of Squalene?
Squalene is a major component of human skin surface lipids (or oils). Squalene helps to keep our skin soft and healthy and its anti-oxidant capabilities help to protect from the harsh effects of the environment.

Amazing Health Benefits of Shark Liver Oil
Augment traditional cancer treatments. In Europe, shark liver oil is widely used to complement traditional cancer treatments. Some preliminary research suggests that the alkylglyerols in shark liver oil may prime the immune system, causing cancer cells to come under attack and preventing spread of disease. The oil may also fortify healthy cells and ease the harsh side effects of cancer chemotherapy and radiation treatments. There are few sound studies, however, to confirm these possible cancer-fighting benefits in people.

What is the history behind it?
Shark liver oil has been used as a folk remedy by people on the coasts of Norway and Sweden for hundreds of years. It was mainly used to promote wound healing and as a general remedy for conditions of the respiratory tract and the digestive system.
In the 1950s, a young Swedish doctor suggested that extracts of bone marrow helped boost the recovery of white blood cells in children undergoing radiation therapy and chemotherapy for leukemia. The active ingredient in the bone marrow extract was identified as alkylglycerols. Shark liver oil was found to be one of the richest sources of alkylglycerols. Around 1986, the first commercially purified shark liver oil with a ;standard dose; of alkylglycerols was marketed. It is still widely used in many northern European countries.

What is the evidence?
Available scientific evidence does not support claims that shark liver oil supplements are effective against cancer in humans. Most of the studies on alkylglycerols and cancer have been done in the laboratory. A few studies showed some benefit in women with cervical cancer who were also undergoing radiation therapy. These studies were published by a single group of Scandinavian researchers in the 1970s and 1980s and have not been confirmed by other research groups. There appears to be very little recent research on the benefits of alkylglycerols in preventing or treating cancer.
More recently, research has focused on squalamine, a substance found in shark liver oil that stops the growth of tumor blood vessels. Researchers found that squalamine decreased the number of lung metastases?tumors that spread to the lung from a primary cancer elsewhere in the body?found in laboratory animals. Early studies in people with cancer have shown that squalamine can safely be combined with chemotherapy, but whether it helps shrink tumors or prolongs survival is not clear. It is currently being studied with other treatments for lung and prostate cancer.
Squalene, a substance found in olive oil and some types of shark liver oil, has been studied in the laboratory. One laboratory study found that squalene seemed to protect normal bone marrow cells from the effects of some chemotherapy drugs while still allowing the drugs to affect cancer cells. It is not yet clear whether this protective effect will extend to animals and humans.

Squalene may be beneficial for:
-Temporary relief of arthritic pain
-Assisting in improving appearance of skin and hair
-Reducing joint inflammation and swelling associated with arthritis
-As an anti-oxidant
-Increasing oxygen uptake capacity and reducing blood lactate levels
-Helps provide stamina and endurance
-May reduce joint swelling and inflammation associated with gout

1200mg Each soft gel contains.



Silymarin Seed Extract Powder(70:1)


Dandelion Powder(5:1)


Natural Vitamin E(1300IU/g)

Equiv. to d-alpha-Tocopherol(6.5 IU)


Lecithin Liquid


Bee¡¯s Wax White


And Soft gel shell

Take 1~3 Capsules daily or as professionally advised.