Reinforces the functions of the cardiovascular system and moisturize the skin. It is a strong antioxidant which has anti-inflammatory and pain-relief properties and helps to maintain healthy and vibrant skin. The anti-oxidative property of Olive Leaf Extract is 5 times greater than Vitamin C, and twice as strong as Green tea or Grape seeds. This acts to remove free radicals to prevent aging.

OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT is being used by people across the world as an integral ingredient in their desire to maintain and improve their health.

Olive Leaf Extract is an all-natural product that has been used as a folk remedy for thousands of years.

Only recently has research begun to uncover the full potential of this remarkable therapeutic product.

Today, the health benefits of Olive Leaf Extract are being published widely throughout the world.

A recent book by medical researcher Morton Walker, Olive Leaf Extract, is filled with case histories, testimonials and studies of health problems that were helped through the regular use of Olive Leaf Extract. Walker is the author of more than 69 books, over 1,800 clinical journal and magazine articles and the winner of many awards.