The substance that acts to promote growth_ the substance that enhances brain development for intelligence_ an immunity component_ Colostrum from dairy cows is more beneficial than human colostrums because it contains digestive material that helps keep the large intestine healthy and also has regenerative properties.

This product contains pure Colostrum produced by dairy cows grown in the clean, unpolluted environment of New Zealand - so called the last remaining paradise on earth. All products have been strictly tested for quality by Health Farm.

What is Colostrum?
The first milk of a dairy cow produced within 4-5 days after giving birth is called Colostrum. The milk produced after this time is the milk we usually drink, and is called normal milk.

Mammals must give large amount of nutrients and immunity components to their newly born offspring. Therefore, Colostrum contains much more nutrients and immunity components compared to normal milk and colostrum has many other benefits including promotion of growth and healing of wounds. Colostrum contains numerous biological components that promote physiological activities.

The Colostrum produced by HEALTHFARM is made using the highest quality colostrum produced in New Zealand. These tablets are made using a special processing technique that increases the absorption into the body system. Each tablet contains 20% of Immunoglobulin G (IgG) and the natural health supplement has no side effects. The colostrum of New Zealand is collected from natural grass grazing lands and is known to contain larger amounts of Immunoglobulin and nutrients, as well as substances that promote tissue regeneration and growth. The high quality of colostrum produced in New Zealand is recognised worldwide. New Zealand's Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) is known to have high standards of quality and certifies the safety and the quality of products.

-Immunoglobulin :
Immunoglobulin is abundant in Colostrum. Immunoglobin helps to recognize and eliminate pathogens that have entered the body, and is the most efficient body defense system.
This is the most abundant type of Immunoglobulin present in Colostrum. It is transported in both the lymphatic and vascular system. IgG neutralizes toxic substances and other pathogens that have penetrated the body's primary defense system. According to the clinical trials done in 1994, IgG enters the blood plasma and eliminates viruses in the bowel.

Efficacy and Benefits:
*Enhance immunity and provide nutrients essential for growth. Increases the production of growth hormones, which are important in height- growth.
*Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Prevention of oxidation of the body. Decrease Cholesterol levels.
*Diet, vibrant skin
*Following long-term consumption of colostrum, symptoms of allergic rhinitis or atopic dermatitis may improve.

Tablet: Children take 3-5 tablets daily
Capsule: Children take 1-2 capsules, Adults take 2-4 capsules daily.